A Privately Funded Environmental Restoration

11,000 private acres with 7 km of sandy beachfront. 

Seeking partners or investors.


About the Property

Located  in tropical North Queensland Australia, Cape Upstart is a unique large freehold property.  It has a small home, an abundant gravity-fed water supply and a camping area with toilet and shower block for volunteers.


About the Area

The property is on a peninsula bordering National Park on the north and south and the Coral Sea of the Pacific Ocean to the east and west. The Great Barrier Reef is off shore. It features rare native dry-tropic vegetation and wildlife and is located in the Whitsunday Shire between Proserpine and Townsville.


Our Project

A former cattle station, we are returning  the environment to a natural state and providing habitat for a large variety of wildlife. We have flooded lowland pastures which  create seasonal wetlands and attract over 200 species of birds. We hope to eliminate invasive weeds and feral animals, returning our land to a balanced and protected state.

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Cape Upstart

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